There are lots of variations of skylights available on the market as we speak however the panes utilized in a skylight will be categorized by two fundamental sorts, glass and acrylic. Every materials affords benefits as properly disadvantages so you need to take these issues into consideration when choosing the right skylight on your state of affairs.

Daylight: glass permits in additional direct daylight however acrylic skylights have the power to soak up daylight from many angles–which leads to extra total gentle coming into the room. In case your primary concern is illuminating a room, then a transparent acrylic dome could be most suitable option. If you’re making an attempt to melt the sunshine or to remove glare then an acrylic skylight with a bronze or white tint is the most suitable choice.

Utility: glass has sure benefits as a result of it will probably block out noise and won’t discolor over time as will an acrylic skylight, however acrylics are simpler to scrub and won’t shatter as simply as glass. In areas with excessive temperature variations acrylic are usually extra appropriate because it permits for much less vitality transfer-this is very true of the double and triple dome skylights.


Look: glass is the simple winner right here. Acrylics usually are not as clear as glass and have a moderately “filmy” look. Glass, however, will be clear or coloured and will be fabricated to nearly any design desired. If having an ornamental skylight is essential to you then glass must be your apparent alternative.

Typically, acrylics are usually the extra sensible alternative whereas glass is the extra aesthetic alternative. Each supplies will work equally properly for almost all of skylight installations however you probably have a selected perform in thoughts on your skylight then choosing the proper materials will be necessary.

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